Ms Crabby Me

It’s not a happy day in the great state of Maine.

First, it’s like thirty effin’ degrees here. What the h*ll is that? It’s April!

Secondly, MLB, take note: not one but two steroid abusers left the yard in a big way yesterday-Giambi for the Yanks, and then Sosa in the Sox game last night. Big moments made possible by baseball’s cowardly refusal to take the steroid crisis seriously until Jose Canseco threw it in their faces and made denial no longer an option. Of course, to the fans of the teams these guys play on, nothing else matters as long as they produce…even to Yankee fans who were sending Giambi death threats not that long ago. I guess principle is measured at-bat to at-bat nowadays, eh, guys? Not that that’s any different than it ever has been. Whatever.

Jason Varitek and Coco look awful at the plate so far this year. 

Then they switch today’s game from 2p to 8p, just to accommodate ESPN. That means I’ve got to listen to Morgan tonight. I will for a couple of innings, until I can’t stand it anymore. Then I’ll turn the sound down.

The whole thing p*sses me off.

Oh, and happy Easter to all who celebrate it.


Hey there. Wow, you seem pretty unhappy. But don’t blame Sosa and Giambi. They were losers long before Tavarez and that awful bullpen took the mound.

Tonight Schilling will toss a gem and all will be right with the world. Guaranteed!


No ****, sis. The steroid policy is a huge joke.

I know, Steve, I’m just on a tear about this steroid thing lately. I really feel like MLB is talking out of both sides of its’ mouth here. We KNOW guys like Giambi, Bonds and Sosa artificially enhanced their performance and are still reaping the benefits from it, even after being exposed as frauds. It’s infuriating!

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