Coming Home

Fenway Opener today. I’d thank the good lord if I believed in one. Going 3-3 on a road trip isn’t really that bad-better than 0-6 for sure. Let’s hope the sight of the Green Monster and the Fenway Faithful sparks some life into these bats! Actually, it will be more like finally getting the keys to your new house for some of them. While Julio Lugo has certainly played his share of games at Fenway, this will be his first time in a home uniform, and believe me when I tell you I think he is more than up to the task of dealing with the raucuous Fenway crowd (after the Renteria debacle that is something you always worry about with new guys!) I’m not sure J.D. Drew-Papi theatrics notwithstanding, Drew’s the only hot bat on the team right now-has ever set foot in Fenway in a game capacity, but I certainly could be wrong. Anyway, it’s different when you’re "with" us instead of "against" us.

So, welcome home, guys. I’ll be sending good vibes to Josh Beckett to mow down the Mariners today, who are probably out of shape after being snowed out the last couple of games in Cleveland…kind of like the Portland Sea Dogs, who after four snow days finally got underway with an 8-6 win at Hadlock on Monday.

Go Sox! Let’s start getting some big hits!


The Cubs went 3-3 on their trip as well, so I agree with the 0-6 remark. Also, Ill just tell you right now that the Red Sox are going to win that division this year. The Yankees lack of pitching will doom them, and so will Dice-K! You guys are lucky to have him. Good luck to the Sawx (sorry, my Boston accent is a little off)and by the way, is that poll on your blog done by you? If so, can you help me to start one? It’s brilliant!

I hope that the Red Sox will have a great game and win! Go Red Sox Go!


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